Winery Electrics!

ElectricSocket=Overheat1 ElectricSockety=overheat2-skipElectric radiator overheated and melted extension cable onto socket in winery. Managed to track the electrician down and new electric socket put in.Radiator consigned to skip! New radiator, of a different make, purchased.

Trying to get the red wine, Henry, warm enough for a malo-lactic fermentation is a real battle. King Richard, dry white wine, is behaving perfectly and is utterly gleeful about Henry’s downfall. Most people seem to think that the War of the Roses is over – not here!

2 thoughts on “Winery Electrics!”

  1. Although it was quite sensible and safety aware to dispose of the radiator, the problem may have been the plug – the heat seems to have concentrated on the live pin – possibly a bad/dirty contact between the fuse and the clip on the live pin causing serious heat.

    1. Dear Kacey, Thank you for your comments. This was a year ago, and the relatively new radiator had already had two replacement plugs, the last being put on by an electrician a week beforehand. We concluded a design fault and dumped the offending item in the skip. Its replacement is working very well. It is important for us the get the winery warm during the fermentation stage. Anyway a lovely wine red arose which we have called King Henry.

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