Our History

With a lifelong passion for food and wine Liz Robson took the bold step of creating a vineyard having seen how one vine, inherited with the property, prospered by the back door. This started in 2008 as a hobby!

In the vines with a trophy and a bottle of silver medal King Richard
English roses in an English vineyard

More vines were planted over the years as well as 3 rows of cultivated blackberry bushes, cherry trees and blueberry bushes, followed by an organic vegetable garden. The vines are not organic because foliar feeding is necessary, but sustainable principles are followed throughout the viticulture and wine making. 

The hobby vineyard won awards leading to a decision in 2014 to take early retirement as a university lecturer and sell wines to the public. This has now developed to include vineyard tours and tutored wine tastings.

A one woman enterprise with no employees, Liz is helped by stalwart volunteers who hand prune the vines, harvest the grapes and form an enthusiastic bottling team, and take it in turns to be the tour guide on our tutored tastings.

During Covid we started our highly popular Safari and Tete-a-tete bookings as a temporary measure. Due to this popularity we have continued to offer them. They allow a group of friends or family to bring their own picnic and have the opportunity to enjoy the vineyard as they move from one place to another sampling wine. This is suitable for adults of all ages and backgrounds. Children can attend the tour but cannot partake of the alcohol. 

From this small beginning, word soon spread and customers contact the vineyard directly or via the website. Many tickets are bought as vouchers to give as presents for Christmas and birthdays (or even just for the enjoyment!).