Our Wildlife

We are very proud of the diversity of wildlife that our vineyard supports. Not all of the wildlife is great for the vines or the grapes but where we need to manage them we do so without insecticides or lethal means.

Here are a selection of photographs taken in the vineyard of the resident wildlife. Sadly, there are currently no photographs of the kingfishers after whom the vineyard is named – too fast and too shy, but we keep watching and trying ……

Swans with their cygnets in the brook at the bottom of the vineyard
Greater Woodpecker enjoying the bird feeders
Green Woodpecker inspecting the grass
Robin overseeing the winter pruning
Partridge checking out the wine tanks
Bees swarming in the vineyard
Stoat on a tour of the vineyard
Bat resting on the winery wall.
less desireable visitor
American Crayfish (hostile) found in the brook