Proud to announce…

Winning a SILVER MEDAL at the recent UKVA competition exceeded our expections, as this was the first time our wine had entered a national competition. When we scrutinised the results and realised that our Sparkling Orion was one of only three white sparkling wines from the 2012 vintage to win a medal we were over the moon! 2012 has been a washout summer and we were only one of two Leicestershire vineyards to harvest a crop. This vindicates our choice of the Orion grape, which is very suitable for the Leicestershire terroir as well as producing a delicious wine.

Noting more refreshing than an award winning wine on a beautiful summer day

When the wine arrived from Halfpenny Green Vineyard, specialists in sparkling wine production, we popped a bottle in an ice bucket then sipped it outside, appreciating this crisp, refreshing wine which is so ideal for hot summer evenings.






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