Storm Doris

Doris ripped off the roofing felt on the kingfisher watching hide. A kind neighbour has given us a remnant of roofing felt. Guess what we are doing at the weekend!

NHS Retirement Fellowship

St Andrews Church Hall

Liz braved the chaotic roadworks on the Aylestone Road, and drove to St. Andrews Church Hall to talk to about 55 members of the Leicester NHS Retirement Fellowship. After a warm welcome the little LED projector rose to the occasion (it can struggle unless a room is very dark) and the audience enjoyed the presentation. BUT….they enjoyed tasting the wine even more!!! A great chat at the end, with warm wishes sent to former colleagues who Liz has not seen in years.


Jean Skinner arranges surprise birthday event for Cath

Jean Skinner arranged a surprise birthday event for friend Cath in August. A vineyard tour and wine tasting, with a picnic that they had all done a little cooking for, and then lots of merriment. Thanks to Maria for the photographs. This post is a little delayed, but then it is great to have sunny day photographs to cheer us up in February.

Egg white for red wine

We follow the Bordeaux tradition of “fining” the red wine with egg white to help sediment sink to the bottom of the tank. For the 2016 vintage Amber has the distinction of her egg Amberbeing chosen. She is ever so eggscited!