Restaurant Review

Laura Hadland

Renowned wine blogger Laura Hadland, also known as The Extreme Housewifehad a restaurant review published in this week’s More magazine.


Laura recently created The Leicester Tapas Trail, and we are very pleased to have someone of her experience and credibility advising us in the winery.

Day 45-47

Builders have stopped for Christmas, so Liz had been priming and undercoating the doors when rain permitted. Bank Holiday Monday posed a dilemma. Lovely sunny weather BUT the elderflower wine needed bottling AND the doors needed their gloss coat.

The elderflower wine won! With great help from Laura and Mike Hadland, over 300 bottles were processed and are now in our cool, dark wine store for the final stage in maturation. The painting awaits the next fine day.

CO2 into bottles

Final stage of bottle cleansing


Our lovely volunteer, Laura, is a great friend of the chickens and has given us a croched table mat and a pair of chicken oven mitts for Christmas which is very kind of her. We showed the mitts to the chickens who did not understand the roast chicken jokes, but Ebony wondered if the mitts contain an illustration of herself? What do you think?

Ebony inspects mitts

Days 39-42

Roof slates finished and ridge tile in place before heavy rain came. Both doors up, and Liz managed to get them wood primed and undercoated by Christmas Eve. Looking anxiously at the weather forecast. Bad weather expected over next few days. Batten down the hatches! Good job builders are having the week off. Hope weather improves in the New Year.

Needle and Pin

We were invited to the opening of Loughborough’s first ever micro-pub. What a lovely place! Beautiful, clean relaxing decor and warm welcome by hosts. Then see which wine their VIP guests purchased!! We felt really proud that the Needle and Pin is selling our wines.DSCN2067 DSCN2065 DSCN2063 DSCN2058

Loughborough Micropub

We had a great time at the Victorian Christmas market at Stonehurst farm in Mountsorrel. So impressed that we might have a stall there next year.

Then the last 12 bottles of King Richard 2014 in existence were KR BR artisan backgrounddelivered safely to Wicked Hathern Brewery for their opening of Loughborough’s first ever micropub in The Rushes. Best wishes for a great future.

Winery Electrics!

ElectricSocket=Overheat1 ElectricSockety=overheat2-skipElectric radiator overheated and melted extension cable onto socket in winery. Managed to track the electrician down and new electric socket put in.Radiator consigned to skip! New radiator, of a different make, purchased.

Trying to get the red wine, Henry, warm enough for a malo-lactic fermentation is a real battle. King Richard, dry white wine, is behaving perfectly and is utterly gleeful about Henry’s downfall. Most people seem to think that the War of the Roses is over – not here!


A lovely lady called Rosemary came to stay at the hotel next door with the express intention of buying some of our wine. She had tried King Richard at Ragdale Hall and was so smitten she made this long journey from London. It was so nice to show her round the vineyard and hear about her bridge playing (my late mother was a fanatical bridge player)

Radio Leicester

We are waiting for roof tiles, so builders cannot move on to the next stage. Sooo…. it was fortunately quiet and builderless in the courtyard when Ben Jackson visited with microphone in hand. He was impressed by the trophy King Richard 2014 won at last week’s Mercian Vineyards Association Wine Challenge and a little envious of the side of smoked salmon that came with it! Then he went into the winery, hot water bottle in hand, and was introduced to King Richard 2015 and then to …. wait for it… Henry!

Please visit   to listen.

King Richard wins the Somerby Trophy, flanked by fermenting demi-johns