Harvest 23/24 Sept 2016

Our intrepid volunteers gave brilliant help with grape harvest on two consecutive days – with plenty of food coming from North’s delicatessen and Rothley Fisheries. 800kg of solaris grapes were picked and processed on Saturday afternoon. A big thank you to our noble volunteers – we cannot manage without you!

IMG_1130 IMG_1127 IMG_1125 IMG_1122 IMG_1121 IMG_1119 IMG_1109 IMG_1104


Tricky to anticipate harvest date because the grapes make the decision! Anyway, we anticipate:

  • Friday 23 Sept SOLARIS (picking only)
  • Saturday 24th Full SOLARIS harvest with treading and pressing
  • Friday 30 Sept SIEGERREBE (picking only)
  • Saturday 1st Oct Full harvest SIEGERREBE with treading and pressing
  • Friday 14 Oct RONDO (picking only)  
  • Saturday 15th Oct Full RONDO harvest with treading and pressing

10am start on Fridays and 9am starts on Saturdays. Volunteer information here Round Robin – Volunteer Information-16Sept16

For the science buffs here is the brix (sugar reading) chart KP-Pre-Harvest-Brix-Record-19Sept16

Please get in touch if you are interested. We need to know who is coming to make catering arrangements. Email: rothleywine@btinternet.com

Here is a photo from last year.


Over the moon!

Our new pink sparkling wine, Noble Purpose, won a silver medal at the Mercian Vineyards Association Competition yesterday. The grapes were grown by us and then made into sparkling wine by the Halfpenny Green Team. When you look at their impressive trophy haul yesterday, it is apparent what a talented and dynamic team they all are. We are certainly delighted by the taste of the new wine!


We are also pleased with the classic style label from BS labels, which is the first time we have had gold hot foil used.