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All action pruning

With the improved weather there has been an onslaught on the pruning. Aided by volunteers Laura, Paul, Clive and Michelle, 12 rows have been “done” with 29 still to go. Eeeek! We are now in a race against the improving weather and bud swell with the evil spring frosts lurking. We must get those secateurs moving, and the bonfire (I do have a licence) burning!!!!!


Wonderful Afternoon with Lilu Restaurant

The talented Lilu restaurant team arrived for a vineyard tour and wine matching with their food. Renowned wine blogger, Laura Hadland, accompanied them and our wines passed the crucial Hadland test. Phew!! The food was just lovely and we spent a convivial couple of hours debating which wines accompanied which foods best. It is great to promote Leicester cuisine and to get people out of the “pork pie and Stilton” box. Asian cuisine is one of Leicester’s great secrets that deserves wider recogn


Labels Conference

Liz attended a conference about bottle labelling put on by BBFI (Brewing, Food & Beverage Suppliers Association) in Leicester. Whilst most talks were focused on beer, there were many issues applicable to wine bottles. Interactive workshops were fun, and really useful ours contained a graphic designer! See our group’s contribution in photo. Whole event was well organised and I hope they will repeat it next year.

War of the Roses extends to the vineyard

We were 20 minutes late letting the hens out of their coop this morning and when we opened the door there was clear evidence of a battle. The White Queen had launched an attack on The Red Queen and blood was drawn.

Now, most people think that Bosworth was the last battle in the Wars of the Roses. We believe it is the Battle of Rothley 2016!


Hens very indignant at being herded into their run, just because Liz had to go and teach the student midwives. Explanations about fox risk were water off a hens back. Anyway , there was one escapee! Liz was very relieved to find Nicky outside the run on her return from an afternoon lecturing at DMU.

Day 65 Toilet Extension

The hens are in trouble! Builders spent ages spreading quarry waste then topping with sand which was carefully levelled. All ready for the wacker and block paving tomorrow. However, along came six hens who had a great game of scratchy scratchy enjoying the warm sand trickling between their toes. They are now in the depths of unpopularity!