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Needle and Pin

King Richard is suitably cool in the wine fridge at The Needle & Pin micropub (The Rushes, Loughborough) having been delivered there less than a week ago. He is clearly appreciated in this popular micropub, judging by the sales figures. I had better get some KR-fridge-Needle&Pinmore bottles labelled!

Day 88

Stopped raining apart from occasional drizzle. Builders opened pack of slabs – wrong ones have been sent!! Unable to complete second wheelchair ramp. So, earth moving done instead to raise ground height in line with first wheelchair ramp. Added bonus – the awful ruts have been covered up.

Day 87 Even more rain

Day 87: Rain and more rain… Why can I never manage to photograph rain coming down? Well today, profuse rain and flash floods. Builders unable to work on the wheelchair ramp. Tiling on store room sink done instead. Will wheelchairs ever be able to roll around our vineyard without sinking?

Day 86

Day86-Wheelchair-ramp Day86-hens-stone-circle Day86-Rose-stepsRain damage worsens and ruts deepen, but it is worth it when we see the progress with the wheelchair ramp. Overjoyed at the stone circle and side steps. Really sets the rose off well. Cannot wait for the work to start on the greenhouse.

Day 84 Toilet Extension

Rain stopped and sun made a brief appearance.

I surveyed the mud bath. The dumper truck is making such massive ruts and the ground is too sodden to complete the second wheelchair ramp for the time being. Certainly wheelchairs would not be able to proceed down the lawn to the vineyard!!!

Rain Rain Rain

Rained all night. Ground too sodden for builders. Ahhh! I need this work finished. The Swithland Church Mens Group visit (orininally Monday) has been postponed.

I have busied myself in delivering more wine to David Norths delicatessen up the road. This is their third delivery of Fearless in one week. Apparently Fearless is the number one choice of present for Fathers Day. Then I took advantage of a break in the rain to pick elderflowers. De-stemming them is going to take me about 18 hours. Well, I had better get started….


Feeling tremendously proud. Prestigious Leicester off-licence is selling every single one of my wines. The team at 23Wine&Whiskey on Granby Street are really knowledgeable and take pride in sourcing quality local produce. Cannot wait for feedback as to sales.

Link Hotel

Took my first order of wine to the Link Hotel in Loughborough. Received a warm welcome by manager Alun Pomfrett, and shown round. Great facilities for meetings, so must tell the vineyard association. Really proud that they are selling my wine.Link Hotel - Front